Ready-to-use blend of humus, compost and sustainable Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Rich in organic matter that improves the soil’s structure, moisture retention and activity of micro-organisms. Ideal for repairing an existing lawn
or establishing a new one.


  • Less watering 
  • Faster germination of grass seed 
  • Helps replenish tired soil



(40'' x 48'')
1 9976 6 12 kg (28 L) 90 bags 6 21361 00139 2



Establishment of a new lawn

  1. Clean the planting site by removing weeds, rocks and plant debris.
  2. Rake the existing soil to make an even surface.
  3. Spread evenly 3 to 5 cm of RAPIDGROWTM mix on the soil.
  4. If wanted, blend the mix with existing soil.
  5. Applying an equal amount of mix and existing soil is recommended when mixing with existing soil.
  6. Before seeding, rake the soil again to make an even surface.
  7. For optimal results, seed with RAPIDGROWTM grass seed.
  8. Follow the specific sowing instructions.


Top dressing an existing lawn

  1. It is a good practice to aerate the lawn before top dressing.
    Take care to mark the sprinklers’ location to prevent damage while top dressing.
  2. Spread the RAPIDGROWTM mix evenly over the lawn.
  3. Rake to make a level surface, taking care not to apply a layer thicker than 1 cm (1/2 in).
  4. Water thoroughly.
  5. Rake again after a few days to level the little bumps that may appear.
  6. For optimal results, overseed with RAPIDGROWTM grass seed.

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in your yard!

Exclusive for independent garden centers, RAPIDGROWTM is a complete product line for all gardening activities. Its distinctive product offer includes specialty products for flowers, vegetables, lawn, trees & shrubs and landscaping projects. RAPIDGROWTM
is a brand of Premier Tech Ltd